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Generate Your Social Media Engagement in Three Simple Ways

Social media now complements many parts of our lives, and that includes the business world. With varied channels developed day by day, it is no wonder that social media as a business tool can positively induce sales and, to a vast extent, brand loyalty and rapport. To build a relationship with your customers and increase their loyalty to your business, it is essential to consider engagement metrics. This gauges your customers’ intent to snatch an effort like getting your service or product.

Engagement rates on social media are crucial to your business because they will inform you of the two most significant factors: promising marketing range and substantial brand awareness. Indeed, brands cannot exist in a world where they lurk behind a rail of covert communication; instead, they survive in a manner that is striking for the public to catch a glimpse of. So far, how profitable are your marketing strategies?

Keep your audience tied and your reach maximized by serving these three excellent “tips-in-a-plate” from Ripple VAs:

1. Snatch Attention!

In a classroom setup, the main reason that History classes can be so tedious to students is that it is not made relevant to them. Similarly, business requires building a common ground between you and the customers to gain the latter’s attention. Some of the attention-grabbing ideas we can offer you are the following:

Invest on Instagram/Facebook Stories

The stories section in both Facebook and Instagram bolsters the use of real-time marketing. In Facebook’s Q1 2018 earnings account, CEO Mark Zuckerberg confessed, “Stories [section] is a big part of the future of video sharing, which is why we’re all in on it across our family.” Moreover, the stories section is superseding the news feed. So whether you like it or not, it is social media’s future.

Go Live

Instead of reproducing videos once or twice a week, going live is ideal. Live streaming has unexpectedly become mainstream despite its availability on social media platforms for many years. Engagement with these live videos has been verified to be greater than with videos that are pre-recorded.

Diversify Content

While we know that the fundamental objective of content marketing is to solidify customer bonds, it would not work that way if your contents are not compelling. Several contents are crossing your screens but have they shown relevance? Are they solution-based? Do they solve a problem? Perhaps, you can ask yourself these questions to improve your scopes. To keep the potential customers’ interests, posting fun using memes and jumping in with what’s trending, like content that creates a series or tags a friend, are perfect!

2. Ask, Ask, Ask!

There are plenty of reasons we ask questions. The gist of powerful selling, of course, is asking. Asking questions assists; you trudge inside your customers’ shoes to agree on what they desire. You might have a broad opinion of what your clients need from you and your enterprise. Asking is the shortcut to satisfying what goals they’re trying to accomplish with you.

Asking can be done through repurposing content such as polls. Polls are double helpful because you can directly integrate them into your website and have your participants vote and visit there. Additionally, you can use “Fill in the Blank” questions and hosting an “Ask Me Anything” event to produce memorable recreations. Further, social media is social, so as much as possible, be conversational in your dialogues.

3. Track Analytics

Tracking your posts, whether they get a lot of engagement or not, is listening to your audience. This is auditing the value you have made as you look forward to how their user experience has been. Monitoring your marketing strategies allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and things that need to be changed.

On the other hand, tracking analytics does not only concerned inside your orbit. Paying attention to competitors and your niche helps you to function better and concede to rival marketing themes with your initiatives. With that, you can now ask yourself: What works for them that propels them to your heftiest opponent?

A meager engagement rate may imply a contradiction between what the customer asks and what you answer. The fair indication that your audience is very involved with your content is if it reaches a rate of 3% or higher. There are different ways to determine this. One of the most commonly used audience analysis methods is the engagement rate by post or ER post.


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