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From your Ripple Coach: What’s an ideal workspace?

If a workplace is equated to a person, it portrays that person's physical body while the workspace represents the heart and the soul that gives life to that body. It is in the heart where purpose springs and fulfillment come forth from the soul. This confers the person its reason for being.

One factor to realize in dredging the benefits of an ideal workspace is the quality. If your current workspace is seeking to become ideal, the atmosphere that pervades in it is one that is:

1) Equipped with right and safe technology

Managing your workspace with the latest applicable technologies is essential for efficient operations in your business.

Why must workspaces be equipped with right and safe technology?

They provide flexibility and mobility that can further influence the inflow of your workplace—may it be at home or in the office. They also deliver maximum value and make big impressions to customers. Whether your business is engaged in a small, medium, or large-scale services, their presence is indispensable to production.

What technologies fit my workspace?

If your preference is a digital workspace, you must analyze the nature of the work and how long this is processed. Familiarizing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be exciting to better your services.

On the other hand, if you prefer a flexible workspace or flexispace—where you can work either at home or in the office—smart sensors like motion, occupancy, and industrial IoT (Internet of Things) have now become a trend.

Meanwhile, if your business is small and you cannot sustain in-house resources to manage IT services independently, secure antivirus or anti-malware software apps such as Trello, Slack, Headspace, Google Drive, etc. to allow your employees or end-users (especially those who are remotely far) to access and share data real-time. Additionally, select those that are safe and with multi-purpose functions whenever possible. Consider using a virtual private network (VPN) when doing your work because no matter how efficient the tool is, if it poses a hazard to its user, then it is not ideal.

2) Navigated with basic needs

Work areas should be within a normal reach to allow ease in navigating basic needs.

What basic needs should an ideal workspace navigate?

Whether you opt to work at a desk or pass around to one-of-a-kind spots with your cellphone or laptop, a perfect workspace comes with a well-ventilated or clean room and pollution-free surroundings to stimulate your interest in doing the job, a strong and stable Internet access to lower your stress as well as manage your anger and patience, a comfy silence to broaden your perspective, and food to keep you healthy.

What are the benefits of assessing basic needs in the workspace?

Nowadays, needs assessment is integral in a workspace because it identifies the void that hinders you from reaching your desired goals. Attending only on what is requisite in your desk can help handle pressing problems, avoid interruptions, and limit scraps. Acceptably, scaring yourself with "disaster" can assist you in clearing out the expendable.

3) Cultivated with work-life balance

According to Hillary Clinton, "Don't confuse having a career with having a life." Maintaining a work-life balance even when you are working at home maximizes productivity.

How to maintain a balanced work and life in your workspace?

In order to achieve this, you must first set goals to stay organized. In setting them, oftentimes it helps to ask the questions: What things must I be accomplishing this day? How will I keep them when the cost in effort and the time required to reach them is unreasonable?

On the other hand, you also need to improve your methods of working. Simplify the process of doing your tasks so that you can conserve energy and give time for your family or private goals. Every worker's goal is to derive the greatest satisfaction and happiness so that at the end of the day, everyone feels completely blissful and fulfilled. Thus, workspaces should serve as outlets for release of emotional stresses and tensions arising from too much strain at work.

In today’s situation of working from home, tailor your workspace to what you feel increases your productivity. Equip yourself with your needed technology or applications/tools, navigate your workspace to be of easy access, and cultivate a work-life balance. Remember those three things when you feel like your workspace needs revamping.


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