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Have you tried asking someone out? Or have you experienced being begged by someone to go for a date? This might be a nutty metaphor but certainly, persuading the person who has unceasingly sought your social networks is like inviting someone you have high hopes of rocketing a consistent presence and spending time with.

Social media renders a path for businesses to practice and accomplish their social mission in the marketplace—one of which is obtaining a "YES" from followers.  

Your composure on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn does create a substantial element in preserving audience relations; however, it is also important to scrutinize whether it helps in yielding sales or otherwise. 

Here are five ways that Ripple VAs can share to help you grasp excellent service at all times: 

1. Use compelling sign-up forms. Optimized sign-up forms will not only heighten the quantity of your permission-based followers but also keep your business above the fold due to its clarity. They will likely increase conversion rates because it pushes transparency between you and the potential customer. You can enable social media in signing up as it is mobile and user-friendly. Some highly recommended tools in creating this type of opt-in form include Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and Constant Contact.

2. Increase the conversation. Truly, sales are products of effective conversation. In order to monetize social rapport, your brand must venture to an interactive space that handles inquiries from possible customers and the social needs of those who belong to the online community. Attending to your audience's concerns will only show that you care about them and most likely will result in the patronage of your products or services.

3. Make an offer. To effectively engage followers and improve your sales growth, engage on activities like offering free consultations and online training, operating online events to create awareness and product interest, utilizing lead magnets and deals (e.g. freebies, samplings, incentives, sweepstakes), constantly posting edutainment email contents and real stories pertaining to the success of your business, and expanding your reach through cross-promotion and/or cross-media marketing. 

4. Practice courtesy. Pursuing would-be customer relations is a key factor in settling in business. Although they are still in the "become better acquainted" stage, potential clients are already contemplating how their needs and wants are addressed prior to having to ask.  Moreover, it directs to building a good stature and impression for your company as well as your profitability. Doing a little extra and being likable is vital since it is what will make the difference. 

5. Oversee sales targets. To ensure that sales are within the target set, doing a monthly reporting or periodic monitoring can be ideal. In the aspect of email marketing service, it helps you visualize the concrete objectives that your business focuses on while fixing the deficiencies weathered along the process. Project management tools such as Gantt Chart, Mind Map, and HOQ (house of quality) are helpful in doing a regular review of performance. Similarly, software like LiquidPlanner,, and Wrike are also useful tools in tracking goals and distinct needs. 

Always remember that in business, ingenuity, innovation, and improvement are pivotal concepts in order to gain. If you are used to getting dismissed, now is the time to augment value to achieve success.


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