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Expanding Your VA Skills in 2023

The way we do things has always been changed by technology. This is why we must learn new skills to adapt to the ever-changing environment. With the rise of AI and its adoption and integration into our everyday functions, The only surefire way to adapt is to constantly upgrade your repertoire of skills. Below are digital tools and processes that will expand your skillset and increase your value as a virtual assistant.

UX Design

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of integrating functionality and aesthetics to create a pleasant experience for the users of a product or service. As a virtual assistant, learning UX Design will set you apart from the rest by giving you the ability to add value to your client's business and projects. Creating an effortlessly accessible product or service will not only benefit your client’s business but also the end users. If you want to start learning UX Design, presentation, and communication skills, the ability to plan and conduct user testing, and an understanding of information architecture, will get you a long way.


Automation saves time by reducing the need to individually perform repetitive tasks that can be done by computer programming. This is especially useful for management and administrative tasks that eat up time and energy. While you can automate by learning programming, there are also tons of resources and tools that can be used to automate certain tasks and processes. By identifying which tasks can be automated and finding the right tool, your job as a virtual assistant can be much easier and faster.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a way of storing, sharing, and processing data where one can access any resource from remote online servers instead of their computers. As a virtual assistant, cloud computing is your best friend. This makes it easier for you and your clients to access files from any location, even if you are not at home or in the office. Identify the cloud computing platforms that can be utilized for your client’s business or projects and learn to effectively integrate them into your workflow. That way, you and your clients are able to work seamlessly.

Affiliate Marketing

The basic concept behind affiliate marketing is that an affiliate promotes a product or service and receives a commission for each sale made. Affiliates use their own money to pay for advertising campaigns on various websites and social media platforms but earn profit from every sale made by their referrals. Understanding how this works can be helpful if your clients want to be affiliate marketers or set up their own affiliate programs. Either way, equipping yourself with the right skills and tools to take advantage of this trendy advertising model will keep you updated and bring value to you as a virtual assistant.

Providing clients with reliable service is crucial in being a virtual assistant. But besides this, it is also smart to keep up with the trends in technology by updating your toolbox and developing your skillset. This will distinguish you from others, enhance your working relationships, and set you up for success in future projects – making an impact on not just your life as a VA but also on your clients.


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