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To make you ready in hiring a VA, here is an eight-point guide from Ripple VAs:

Determine the need.

Virtual assistant services are, without a doubt, capable of lessening your workload as the business owner by delegating the tasks to another person. But, is hiring a VA necessary for your situation? Is your schedule too tight that it leaves you no time to work on those tasks yourself? Are your tasks repetitive and tedious? If yes, then you already have determined the need to consider hiring one.

Consider the costs and your budget.

The virtual assistant service rates vary from location to location. Some countries offer relatively high rates, while some provide the same quality of service at the same price. When hiring a VA, it is essential to account for your cash flows and see if your budget allows you to employ another talent at an additional cost.

Plan the workload.

Hiring a virtual assistant will make you incur additional costs, and it would be a waste of investment if you keep your employee unproductive with no tasks or workload planned out for him. Determine the tasks and workload you will be assigned to your hired virtual assistant.

Establish your systems first.

Set a system within your organization or business, and make sure to learn it yourself first. Even the top-notch VAs would fall short if there is no proper workflow to follow and no manual to guide them.

Set realistic expectations.

Do not put your standards unrealistically high. Remember, even the best VAs are still humans. A week’s worth of tasks cannot be realistically met within a day, and a VA focusing on data mining and entry cannot be expected to perform bookkeeping and finance tasks.

Clarify your requirements.

Be clear to your VA before and after onboarding. Explain the job description and the expected tasks straightforwardly to ensure both parties are on the same page. In this manner, the VA can grasp what they are expected to do for you.

Open communication lines.

The world of virtual assistance is vast, and VAs are scattered all over the world. Set a standard means of communication by knowing when and how you would communicate with your VA. Establish a clear line for communication, file sharing, monitoring, and evaluation.

Explore and look around.

Many businesses have explored the option of hiring a virtual assistant. You might want to consider talking to entrepreneurs with VAs for first-hand experiences and advice. You may also try checking out VA companies and agencies online for safer transactions.


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