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Developing Healthy Work Relationships

A healthy working environment will yield productivity — this is our rule of thumb. Healthy interactions among workers in the company will provide an avenue for better communication and understanding to further carry out tasks successfully.

Corrolarily, once you build a positive relationship fostered by a healthy work environment, you feel more comfortable with your actions and less likely to be intimidated by others.

You will also feel a closer connection to the people you spend most of your time working with, thus, making you feel motivated to work every day. However, for a lot of people, finding a ‘place’ in the workplace is a struggle.

So, here are 5 Tips in Building Positive Relationships at Work

Respect your coworkers

Show simple gestures of kindness to your colleagues by greeting them. Showing courtesy to them will make you stand-out among other employees and this can create connection and relatabilty. Don’t forget to support and praise your co-workers’ idea if they did a commendable job.

  • Offer Assistance

Offering assistance will initiate a workplace relationship. When offering assistance, you will have more opportunities to know your colleague. Helping in times of need is an important part of building relationships. In helping coworkers when they need it most, you are demonstrating this quality.

  • Spare some time to bond with your coworkers

After successfully completing a heavy task, try to distress by having lunch or night out with your coworkers. By scheduling time to develop relationships, you will find it easier to interact with and get to know your coworkers. You will not only create a coworker relationship but you’ll also have friends in them.

  • Share your thoughts and give everyone an introduction of yourself.

Sharing oneself is one of the best ways to build relationships among other people. Letting others know you will give them a good grasp in understanding your personality.

  • Asking and Listening to your coworkers

Before sharing your thoughts and feelings to your coworkers, ask them first because this will show and reflect that you care for them. Actively listening will not only allow you to learn more about your coworkers but is also an important aspect of the process of building relationships.


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