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Coffee, Pajamas, and Comfortable Shirts: On Why Working from Home is the Way Forward

You do not need to wake up very early in the morning to prepare for a shower, dress up for work, nor hurriedly eat breakfast, and drive to your office. Wearing your pajamas with your comfortable shirt, you take your coffee and begin your busy day. Thus, you pace your work schedule and make the most of it. Ripple VAs recommends wholesome activities to keep you engaged while you focus totally on your work.

Plan your work schedule ahead. This allows you to save time since you know what you are going to do each given hour. You will be able to eliminate unnecessary tasks, and you will be surely glued to your work. You avoid duplicity of work tasks since you have plotted in advance the things you need to achieve.

Provide a comfortable working area. Having a mini-office at home avoids clutters and prevents you from distractions from other family members. You don’t need to go through the piles to find a specific document since most of your outputs are stored in the cloud. With a highspeed internet connection of five to twenty Mbps, you can breeze through all virtual discussions with your colleagues or to your superior. Likely, your work will remain uninterrupted.

Assign creative short breaks. Manage your time well by implementing work breaks for five to ten minutes. To keep you productive, you can do stretching exercises to keep your body fit or perform one dance just to warm up your spirits. If you love singing, you can render one song as this activates the senses and breaks the monotony of routine work. Another suggestion is to take a ten-minute power nap to rejuvenate your body to gain energy as you battle the next level of work.

Avoid toxic workmates. Working at home also translates to personal freedom by evading gossips from co-workers who will bring negativity in the workplace. Hence, being at home provides positivity and establishes a balance in your mental well-being.

Provide transition for new job seekers. With the uncertainty of the times due to pandemic outbreaks, natural calamities, terrorism attacks, and other unknown circumstances, working at home does not interrupt work schedules. When the government mandates closure of physical offices, being at home provides continuous opportunities. Besides, working remotely allows beginning workers to be accepted and given a chance to prove their worth.

By having a good computer, providing regular updates to your colleagues and superiors, work at home is the perfect avenue to establish your career.

For sure, with all your comforts at home, saving your daily transportation budget, and being stress-free, there is no reason why you cannot deliver quality and efficient workmanship.


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