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CLAUD UP IN THE SKY: Claudine Anne Reyes To Certain Extent

To continually learn and grow with the family – this is how Claudine Anne Gela Reyes, an epitome of a strong woman hailing from Murcia, Negros Occidental, and born on October 28, 1996, pictures herself in the next few years with the Ripple VAs company.

Claud, as she perceives comfortable being called, is a college undergrad at the University of St. Lasalle–Bacolod taking up Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Certificate in International Studies. Bordering on the ideals of a lifetime achievement, she has proved herself to be more than what meets the eyeball, yet in her younger days.

Trying to come across what inspired her in loads of tasks she has to do, Claud's grandmother – the "family" that her deceased mother entrusted to her – makes her complete each output with passion. Through the night, her Lola accompanies Claud in her work; while serving the clients, she begins to fall asleep.

"Being able to provide our needs makes me genuinely happy, a feeling that I have always personally struggled to feel," she recounts in the same way she feels blessed, providing the different needs of her four clients daily.

Given this hard work, Claud has recently maintained her stance in the company as Virtual Assistant of the Week for two consecutive weeks. It is through her almost iron will that she bettered. Dissuaded, she is not. Claud shares being result-oriented is her core expertise in life. Having to show her clients a proactive personality, especially when initiating a desired result for a particular goal, signifies another portal unlocked to her imperial feats. Persistence, diligence, and determination are also keys; she believes relevant to withstand achievements. Encouraging? Clouds gather thick, and Claud goes even more.

As a virtual assistant, the biggest challenge Claud has encountered is the hesitancy to make mistakes as she sometimes tends to become a perfectionist. While recollecting this, she shares a striking familiarity in Ripple VAs, where her client prompted her that life’s greatest lessons are learned when one falls, and the biggest blessing is the ability to pick up the pieces.

“Never be afraid to take any risk, you will never lose anything when you try your best, and it’s better to try than do nothing at all,” comparable words that Claud's mother left before she died.

Unafraid to jump into the unknown, Claud remains consistent in managing herself, lowering her ego, and acting with nobility and righteousness – higher self-representations of the dreamer. When her friend described how amazing it was to work at Ripple VAs, she instantly jumped on board, accepting the light of glory from God and believing someone out there was looking out behind the scenes pushing her on.

"We are a family, and we have each other's back. The support that we provide to one another makes me in awe. Whenever one is in need of help, all will extend their hand to provide any assistance needed. Whenever one has reached a goal, everyone will provide their support and heartfelt congratulations. I know that being part of Ripple VAs will enable me to reach the pinnacle of my goal. I do believe that when that day happens, my goal will further extend, and Ripple will be there to push me along," ended the 23-year-old lass, Claudine.


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