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Cebu-based VAs’ Meet & Greet

We're in the midst of a season that undoubtedly tested us, but it also opened the opportunity to foster strong bonds and a sense of shared understanding among each other. This is something we're going through together. Despite the constant news cycles and social media arguments of this pandemic, our faith bears testimony to a better way with miracles in our presence. The Ripple community has provided one of the central values of our faith as believers — unity as a common thread in our life.

Ripple has constantly been growing despite the pandemic: It created more virtual assistants around the Philippines. With over 100 caricatures of VAs online, meeting them personally would ignite their curiosity for their co-workmates. “ I felt really happy when I saw their faces. Before, I could only see their faces in the caricature online, but after meeting them I was able to talk and spend quality time with them,'' Cath said.

On May 1, 2021, the heaven-touching apex of Busay mountain was drenched in brilliant light and filled with giggles. Virtual assistants were grinning from ear to ear after sharing their experiences during the quarantine. Everyone in the function room could barely conceal their delight, and they were all flabbergasted with joy. Aside from meeting each other, this activity was set by the Ripple management for everyone to have a fellowship over the word of God physically together.

After a surge of happiness from hearing the word of God, the Ripple management took time to hear suggestions from the VAs on areas of improvement and how they see the future of Ripple VAs. “It's so refreshing to hear new ideas and at the same reassuring to get confirmation from the things that were already in my heart,” Jez, the CEO of Ripple, said. Indeed, Ripple is a company that puts God and its employees at the center. They always make sure to hear the opinions of their Virtual Assistants and take notes on their desires for a better future for the company.

The meet and greet was a success — everyone went home with a smile on their faces. They can finally say that they’ve met the person behind those caricatures online. “The Cebu-based Meet & Greet was a wonderful opportunity for the VAs to personally meet their fellow VAs whom they work with virtually. It was a great opportunity for everyone to know more about each other and develop a stronger bond as a team, as a family.” Jez said.


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