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8 Tips on how to Work from Home

These are tips on how to spice up your work at home. Following these can increase your productivity and make work exciting. If you are a company part-timer or a full-time employee, this comprehensive guide is for you.

Have a comfortable working space. Dedicate an office space in your home. Start with a table and a comfy chair and decide where you want to sit down, ideally in a well-lit and cool area. Have a work playlist, and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Also, set rules with the people around you so that you will not be disturbed.

Establish morning rituals. A morning routine can boost productivity and create active brain stimulation, which sets the mood for the day. Include exercising in the morning because it will increase alertness, better focus, and maintain weight since you will be sitting down mostly. When your morning routine ends, it is time for you to start work.

Get a stable internet connection. Internet connection is vital since it would be impossible to access information since most businesses are online. It would be best to have a fast internet connection around 5 to 20 Mbps. Always remember to have a back-up data plan just in-case you have problems with your primary WiFi connections. Along with that, use a VPN to protect your privacy.

Use a good computer. It would be ideal to buy or borrow updated laptops with a Core i3 processor with 4GB RAM.

Create a Separate Email Account and Phone Number for Work. Set up a dedicated email address and phone number that you only use for contacting co-workers and clients. It can help control your work-life and keep its balance. Using a different mobile device just for work will significantly reduce distractions.

Regularly give updates. Always let the team know your progress. Respond to their messages and emails with apps such as Skype, Facebook Workplace, Messenger, or Zoom. If you have questions that are too difficult to explain through a text message, call your boss or the person in charge. This will give assurance to your company that you are doing the assigned task.

Choose cloud storage. Cloud storage with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or any file-sharing platform will save you much time transferring and collaborating your data to your co-workers. If you opt to store files in a local drive, make sure to back it up.

Proper time-management. Limit your distractions and condition your brain to work with a schedule. It is suggested to use the Pomodoro method, have 25 to 30-minute periods of work, and succeeded by a 5 to 10-minute break.

Use your breaks wisely, and do no look at a computer screen. Give your eyes enough time to rest.


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