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7 Successful Secretaries and Assistants from Films and Series

Behind every successful company is a team of individuals dedicated to achieving their goals - as well as executive assistants who perform multiple round-the-clock tasks. Organizations, companies, government - all of these reach greater heights with an effective and excellent secretary or assistant, as seen in movies and TV Series. Assistants and secretaries who star in films as supporting characters for high-flying personalities have brought a lot of people’s thoughts on PA jobs into a new light.

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Here are some of the successful executive secretaries or assistants from different films and movies who could inspire you and make you consider hiring an executive assistant or even applying as one:

1. Pepper Potts - Iron Man (2008)

Virginia “Pepper” Potts, the erstwhile indispensable assistant of Tony Stark, is one of the notable characters in the American superhero film Iron Man. Aside from being Iron Man’s romantic love interest, Pepper earned recognition from fans as she did her responsibilities competently. From handling Tony’s schedules to memorizing his social security number, Pepper exhibited a high level of understanding and detail-orientedness on the matters revolving Tony Stark and Stark Industries - eventually making it a natural and right choice to promote her as the new CEO of the multinational industrial company.

2. Kara Danvers - Supergirl (2015)

Starting as media mogul Cat Grant’s assistant, the Girl of Steel, Kara Danvers wants to live her potential as she seeks to become just like Cat, an empire-building matriarch capable of shaping and influencing how people think. Inspired by her cousin, Clark Kent, she eventually gets promoted to a reporter of CatCo Worldwide Media. There’s more to this series than just Kara’s double life!

3. Emily Charlton - The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

This New York Times Best Seller film written by an actual former Vogue assistant editor-in-chief, Lauren Weisberger, features glamorous first assistant Emily Charlton who works a high-stress job under the super diva Runway editor-in-chief, Miranda Priestly. Despite Miranda’s cruelly demanding personality, Emily always carries out her tasks with aplomb and handles everything with utmost dedication and resilience - traits a professional should have!

4. Andrea Sachs - The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Andy, a journalist-turned-assistant to the fashion legend and devil incarnate, Miranda Priestly. Having landed a job which “million girls would die for”, she works around-the-clock to meet the demands of her boss, even at the risk of her personal life. Although in a quagmire for not knowing anything about fashion, she remains as one of the lovable characters of the film as she showcases her ambitiousness, wits, and commitment.

5. Peggy Olson - Mad Men (2007)

Determined, eager, and ambitious - that’s who Peggy is as she entered her job as the secretary of Don Draper, creative director of the Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency. Margaret “Peggy” Olson is the epitome of transformation as she continues to grow, learn and adapt throughout all the seven seasons of the American Drama, Mad Men. Her commitment to success paved her path of evolution to become a junior copywriter and eventually, the chief copywriter of a big company. Without a doubt, Peggy is one of the best secretaries out there on the screen!

6. Thomas Kirkman - Designated Survivor (2016)

Having thrust to a position and responsibilities he knows nothing about, Thomas “Tom” Kirkman mixed emotionally trying to wrap his head around his sudden promotion. From being a secretary of the cabinet to suddenly being the United States President, Tom faces the challenge of fostering dignity and morality in his decisions. Even after accepting the mantle of a president by the virtue of no choice, he remains dedicated to pursue ideals and live up to expectations.

7. Donna Paulsen - Suits (2011)

Starring in this American legal drama is an extremely sassy and capable Donna Paulsen, brought to character by Sarah Rafferty, who has worked for over twelve years for her soon-to-be-husband boss, Harvey Specters. With the nine seasons of the legal drama series, the sharp-witted Donna has proved to us that she’s the gold standard of what a legal executive assistant should be. With her wide array of skills and traits, she gets closer to people and to her goal of achieving more - where she eventually becomes the Chief Operating Officer of a law firm.

Effective assistants and secretaries are key to a productive and successful company.

With their unfathomable arsenal of skills, they can provide you a big push in task delegation, schedule management, and other things. These superheroes without capes are essential in increasing the overall productivity of the organization or company!


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