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6 Reasons Why Clients Trust Ripple VAs and Why You Should Too!

When a pursuit is with a mission to create a positive ripple effect, it doesn’t feel like a job at all. It comes out as a meaningful vocation fueled by grace, passion, and purpose. In return, it reflects a good relationship between the partakers.

For the past three years, Ripple VAs has provided virtual assistance services to those who seek to break free from tedious details and to live a better business life. Every single step of the company is aligned to its vision, mission, and core values—which is why its clients only have the kindest words to say.

Here is why clients put their bets on Ripple VAs and why you should too:

They are always there for you.

Yes, you can take your hands off of things, and you’re good to go.

Donna Bond, a Personal Transformation Coach, expressed, “They have done a myriad of different things for me, like everything from basic administrative tasks to straight typing of my crazy notes into either a google doc or an excel worksheet. They have provided incredible assistance with social media on every level.”

Donna also added that one of the things that are beneficial to her is the fact that her VAs are available during hours when she is available. This makes the line of communication between her and her VAs as seamless as possible.

They tone down your stress.

Running a business is stressful—imagine having to do it all on your own. Nightmare, right? Well, when these things are not bugging you anymore, a virtual assistant could be responsible for that.

“They’re extremely efficient, and they document everything, extremely compliant with all the work. I have been using my virtual assistant for various tasks such as either putting people into my schedule or logging data into our spreadsheets. It’s a lot of the things, honestly that kind of bugged me down like I wanna focus on my social media, focus on giving more value for my business, and I allow my virtual assistant to do some of the background works so that I don’t have to deal with it. It has alleviated a lot of stress off of my life because I’m not having to log all of the things that a virtual assistant can do,” Dr. Jason Won from Flex with Doctor Jay testified.

They make the possibility more possible.

It’s one thing to be capable of doing marvelous things on your own and another to be able to make an already good opportunity better. In Ripple VAs, scaling up your business is one of the priorities.

Jess Ferrell from JT Virtual Studios affirmed that “They take over the whole campaign from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn. They are just knocking it out the park. We did so many amazing connections from that and it actually turns into business. Right here in our Virtual Studio, we served a client today that turned out extremely well and we know without the exposure and the help that the team over there at Ripple VAs, without them, we would be really challenged ‘cause we could not keep with it all. They’re on time. They do wonderful, classy work. They ask us for our opinion.”

They are a team.

A pack of people is behind you along your entire process so you are in good hands. They got your back. Kelly Deutch, who has 2 virtual assistants working with her said that she truly appreciates that Ripple VAs really work as a team.

“It’s not just one person because if they don’t know how to do something, they’re either willing to learn or to find somebody else who is able to help out. So I would definitely recommend checking out their services. It’s been a game-changer and for somebody who is a small business owner and doesn’t have tons of employees, it’s also super helpful that it’s affordable as well so I’ve appreciated their willingness to help out and their professionalism as well.” Kelly added.

They get you.

No need to be conscious of whether Ripple VAs knows where you’re coming from. With a good amount of communication, best to believe that the company will give you the most personalized service that fits for you and for your endeavors.

“I came just 6 months ago looking for some help and I had really not found anybody that could understand where I needed [it]. But they get it. My virtual assistant is on time, communicates with me. I think if you give them a try, you’ll really like them,” said Michelle Raz, a client of Ripple VAs.

They help you take the next step.

Nothing is better than knowing you are not stagnant. Every step of your way means a chance to elevate, and having people to help you reach your utmost potential is good fortune. Clients who have Ripple VAs in their lives could not be any happier that they have embarked on a journey with the company and its virtual assistants.

Adriana Smith, Founder and CEO of said, “I’m so grateful to have her [Cecil] on the team especially when I was crazy planning for my virtual summit. My business has been forming really, really well since then. It has become more visible to my audience and additional individuals that I have, who are my targeted audience. In that respect, I appreciate the support that I’ve gotten from Cecil and the VA team.”

Ripple VAs is not kidding when they say that they are willing to assist you no matter where you are in your business and personal life right now. Maeve Ferguson, a CEO a mother, recounted the time when the company took so much work off her plate.

“I cannot recommend Ripple VAs enough. They have completely changed my life, my world and allowed me to truly be a CEO on fire and also be a mommy to baby Jack. I will be forever grateful for the day that Jez reached out to me. The timing was like divine intervention—really, really perfect timing coming into my world, and I will never do anything but recommend Ripple VAs,” Maeve shared.


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