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1. Personal Consultation Call

Schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation call with our Management Team so we can learn more about your business and identify tasks, processes, and systems that stress you out and waste your valuable time!

2. VA Account Manager

After assessment and deliberate discussion, we will then assign you of your top-notch VA Account Manager (point of contact), to be your only point of contact in our team. The VA POC will be mainly handling your tasks, delegating it to the proper person and basically be the one that’s on top of your account.

3. Onboarding Call

A 30-minute onboarding call to go over our client onboarding process because we want to make sure everyone is on the same page. Here you will discover that we have a 90-day evaluation program for you and your VA to make sure the process is smooth for both of you. We want you to be the best business partners.

Your VA Account Manager will take it from there! Just put some time up-front into setting up your systems and then enjoy the feeling of no longer having to spend the energy on small, menial tasks and projects!  Like millionaire CEO's, you'll know what it feels like to have an assistant at your beck and call.

4. Grow your Business
Virtual-Assistant (1).png
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     Our process is unique than any other VA firm because here you pay for one VA who has a team of multiple VAs who’s willing to assist her to some tasks or tools she may not be familiar, that way you won’t have to train your VA but someone will be able to help her internally to accomplish the task on time. While it is true that all our VAs are competent but we know that not a single person knows everything.


      Imagine a situation wherein you have an urgent task and then you assign it to your VA, it so happened that your VA has little to no experience with that tool and here comes our other VA who has a huge of experience with it and can accomplish the task in an hour compared to your original VA who may take couple hours for her to research and familiarize herself with the task.


      Our 4-step process gets you a perfect assistant and prepares you with the tools to start with your top-notch VA within 24-48 hours.   

How It Works

Know that a VA can help your business,

but not sure how?  

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