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VA FEATURE: Dionivie M. Tacder-God's assertive handmaid

“Being ambitious is not a problem, mostly when God's wisdom and love guide you.” — says Dionivie M. Tacder.

She is a virtual assistant, a pastor, a pastor's wife, and a mother to her only child who lives in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. Dionivie, fondly called Dionne, was born on July 19, 1987, and the eldest of three sibling.

She graduated from the Immanuel Bible College in 2012 with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theology. She also has two other scholastic achievements: Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Religious Studies. During her college years, Dionne was eager in her aspirations to become a virtual assistant — a place where she found her possibilities as a thriving VA.

Since Dionivie pursued religious courses, she is also an active member of the church where she belongs. Dionivie commits herself to their ministry as a pastor of worship and, at the same time, a music director. In her twelve years in service to the church, she was initially assigned as a pastor for children. Her fruitful service to their ministry leads her to find her life partner when she married John Grey Tacder, the ministry associate pastor. Hence, after their marriage, she takes over the lead as a youth pastor in the same ministry.

Dionivie recalls her start as an amateur freelancer which started in her college days: "I landed working with different clients and tasks in Upwork (formerly Odesk) with zero knowledge about the tasks that I'll be working. Despite that, I am so determined and courageous even though I do not have the skills. From that moment, I became more interested in working as a VA rather than staying in a corporate world," she said. But it came to the point where she leaves that work due to unforeseen circumstances.

Now, a sought-after VA, the pinnacle of Dionivie's success reflects not just her victory in the industry. It also mirrors the rejections, pain, hard work, and determination to learn the essential skills to juggle her work demands in the VA world. Looking back to her difficult moments, Dionivie amazingly shared her experience that tested her mettle —"Before I was hired at Ripple in January 2019, I have sent a lot of resumes to different employers online, but unfortunately, I did not receive any calls or response from them. It pains me a lot that to the point I am on the verge of giving up searching for an online opportunity.”

Having a baby and a wife lead her to give up her teaching career as it costs her so much time. She tried as a call center agent to earn ample money to suffice their needs, but Dionivie opted to quit because she did not like the environment. "I gave up my job as a BPO agent because I find no joy in my workplace," she shared.

All of Dionivie's sacrifices and experiences were paid off when she applied to Ripple. She said that the hiring runs smoothly. "One reason why I love working at Ripple is because of the team who is so passionate in their jobs, and they make God a partner," Dionivie joyfully shared.

From the hardships that she experienced, she jumped to conclusions that God is provident, but implements on different timelines. "I am just impatient to wait for my time," she said.

Her inspiration includes her family, calling, and Jesus, his redeemer. In God's perfect time, Dionivie and her family plan to visit the Holy Land-Israel. Consequently, to indulge a visit and watch the lovely northern lights-Aurora Borealis in Greenland.

In her stressful moments, Dionivie delights in doing Do It Your Style (DIY) crafts, playing musical instruments, and composing new songs. Her hobbies made her at ease and compelled her to continue because of her goals and inspirations in life. "I need to get up early, work hard, and make every second count. She is redeeming the time, because time is precious. What has wasted is wasted already," she uttered.

The story of Dionivie is a manifestation that there is no shortcut to success and to always make room for growth and improvements. Never stop learning and adapting to change.


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