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April Moñer: Navigating Waves of Success - A Working Mom's Journey in Virtual Assistance

In a world where professional opportunities are ever-evolving, one story stands out as a beacon of hope for working moms looking to make waves in their careers while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. Meet April Moñer, a dynamic and multifaceted professional, a Business Development Executive, Lead Generation Specialist, VAL, and Top Multiplier with Ripple. Her journey into the industry of virtual assistance not only challenges the conventional career trajectory but showcases the boundless potential that remote work holds for working mothers.

April's story unfolds with a remarkable twist - for over a decade, she embraced the role of a full-time housewife, tending to the needs of her family. However, in 2019, her path took an unexpected turn as she discovered freelancing, marking her first steps into the remote work set-up. Like many working moms, April yearned for an opportunity that would enable her to contribute financially to her family while maintaining her responsibilities.

The pivotal moment came when she joined FHMoms, a Facebook group dedicated to mothers seeking remote work opportunities. Scrolling through the posts one day, she came across a fellow mom's quest for a job that would empower her to work from home. April resonated deeply with this desire, igniting her passion to explore this newfound avenue.

The only catch? She was an unseasoned freelancer. This didn't discourage April. She decided to embark on a learning journey. Enrolling in FHMoms' General Virtual Assistance and Basic Photo and Video Editing with Brand Marketing courses, April discovered an entirely new world of possibilities. These courses proved to be her guiding light, illuminating the path to her future career as a virtual assistant.

Today, April finds herself working with Ripple VAs, having transitioned from her initial role at Ripple Main in Cebu to the dynamic environment of Ripple BTG. The corporate world, once a distant dream for a stay-at-home mom, has become her reality. Currently, she takes pride in serving four incredible clients at Ripple, including two direct clients. This journey has highlighted not only her determination but also her ability to cultivate robust client relationships.

In her list of achievements, April mentions her ever-evolving relationship with God, her resilience in securing clients despite the initial challenges, and her newfound confidence in her faith. Her journey as a working mom has evolved into a profoundly personal one, echoing the sentiments of countless mothers who endeavor to balance a fulfilling career with their responsibilities at home.

The past year has seen April complete essential training programs, including Business Development and Lead Generation, further enhancing her skill set. Her success story is further underscored by her acquisition of yet another direct client, marking her expanding professional horizons.

April firmly believes that she is making remarkable progress in the market, aligning her success with her faith. She envisions a future where she embodies unwavering confidence in God while maintaining exceptional organizational skills – a vision that encapsulates her journey of personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.

For working moms contemplating a future in virtual assistance, April offers a message of encouragement and hope. She acknowledges the challenges along the way but assures that the journey is well worth the effort. The RSA program equips individuals with invaluable freelancing skills and provides a unique platform for personal growth through the teachings of faith. April's narrative is a testament to the transformative power of seizing new opportunities and pursuing a career that aligns with the aspirations and values of working mothers.

April Moñer's journey, from a dedicated housewife to a thriving virtual assistant at Ripple, is a story of resilience, personal growth, and the boundless potential remote work offers for working moms. Her story inspires countless mothers seeking to navigate the professional world while nurturing their families, reminding them that with determination and faith, they can create waves of success and balance in their lives.


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